About the Artist - The Artist at Work

24K Gold coins, grain and alloy for bracelet mix. Notice the white tufa dust on my hands from previously carving the bracelet shape out of the soft stone.


A weldmaster torch melting the gold in a crucible (alloying) before pouring into the hand carved tufa mold.


Bracelet casting with tufa stone pieces (top and bottom)


Forging ends of 18K bracelet on anvil


Finished product!

One of a kind..........18K Gold men's Tufa cast bracelet (weighs over 5oz) Lightning Arrow design (top) Ric-rac design. Different designs stamped and engraved on all four sides and forged on the ends for comfort.

I'm trying to talk the customer into another heavy bracelet for his other wrist(just to even him out).


Alloying 24k to 18K gold in studio


Good pour! Nice smooth ingot.


Engraving the inside design of 18K bracelet


Forming 18K bracelet over mandrel